Maui Canoe Tours

Best Way To See The Best Island

TripAdvisor holds an annual Travelers’ Choice Award in several categories. One of those categories is Best Island, and Maui has topped the list again for 2016. Huffington Post celebrated the achievement with their list of “12 Reasons Maui Is The Best Island On The Planet.” We know there are many more than 12 reasons, though.

Regardless of why you love Maui, we think there’s one way to experience the majesty of the Valley Isle that’s better than all others – from the water. When you get on the water in a canoe, boat, or on a surfboard, you see a unique perspective. What the first canoe paddlers must have thought when they came upon Maui’s soaring peaks and stunning shoreline!

Join us for a canoe ride and see the world’s best island from a whole new perspective.