Maui Canoe Tours

Re-Discover Maui From The Water

Some families and couples love Maui so much when they first visit, that they just HAVE to come again. They do whatever it takes: Timeshares, sacrificing “sick days” in exchange for more vacation time from work… anything that gets them on the island again. We don’t blame them for the effort!

For those of you who frequent Maui’s shores, we invite you to do something different and “re-discover” Maui with a Stand Up Paddle Tour or Canoe Ride with us. We bet that no matter how many times you’ve visited Maui, you’ll see it from a totally new perspective when you’re on the water, and will appreciate a whole new side of the island experience.

We cater to all types of individuals: whether you just want to cruise along and enjoy the view, or you want to gain a new skill to use each time you visit Maui, we’re you’re best choice! Join us for a tour today, and you’ll never look at Maui the same way again!