Whale Watching Canoe Tour

As lucky residents of Hawaii, we can observe the majestic North Pacific Humpback Whales returning to Maui every year. Although whale season officially starts in November and ends in May, the majority of whales appears from January to March, and they are especially active and visible from Valentine’s Day to Saint Patrick’s Day.

For us, it might seem to be just natural – but it wasn’t always this way: in 1966, the North Pacific Humpback Whale population was believed to be approximately 1,400. Due to the efforts of North Pacific Humpback Whale conservation, the population is now believed to be 21,000 as of 2014.

We must keep in mind that these amazing mammals are in a vulnerable position, and we must respect their territory. If you’d like to experience the beauty of these wonderful animals, come join one of our Maui Canoe Tours and admire these awesome creatures (from a safe distance)!